Thursday, May 7, 2009

Long time

Val is better at this than I am. I've been bust with being a ward mission leader. We're getting ready for the temple open house. I'm going to be an usher there this month. Shawn's about to wrap up rugby this week. A.J. is going to be having tryouts next week. His team is kicking butt against every team they play. In a couple of weeks they play the only other team that's undefeated.

We're going to be transferring Kelly to a different middle school. Hopefully they will be able to help her with her schooling. We're doing everything we can. I think a different change of scenery will be good for her. A.J. and Rylie are off track. This year they will be going to a new school just up the street from out house. Peyton is in her terrible 3's. Jordyn is crawling all over the place and pulling herself up on the furniture and walking around. Val is still working at Quizno's and making cards in her spair time. The Macey's job isn't working out. So I maybe finding another part-time job if they can't get there scheduling right.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Had a great weekend going down to St. George to watch Shawn and his teammates compete in there first games as the Lowland Lions. Shawn's team played a team called United who is ranked 2nd in the nation. Well the kept that team scoreless in the first half but after they put in there second team they scored 3 trys. On Saturday they played a more seasoned St. George team and scored a try and a penalty. But after that the St. George team in the second half scored 4 trys. On there last and final game vs. Wasatch they started out well scoring a try. In the second half Wasatch scored a try but didn't convert there kick so Shawn's team one the game because they converted there try. Everyone down at this tournament was very surprised on how well the team did considering this was the first games that these kids have ever played.

We had a good time in St. George but we were excited to go home. The weather was nice. It was in the 50's most of the time. It would get a little chilly when the wind would pick up

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Long time

We've had a lot of things going on lately that I haven't had a chance to write. I've dealt with a lot of drama with co-workers taking things to personal. A new robot at my work is almost done and we hopefully get to use it tomorrow which will open up a lot more space. Were hoping this year that we will be able to finish three bedrooms and a bathroom. With being the Ward mission leader I have a lot of meetings to go to during the week and on Sunday. In a couple of weeks A.J. starts up his soccer again, yeah. He's got some yellow cleats coming in the mail tomorrow that he's excited about. Shawn has a Rugby tournament next weekend. I went to his practice last Saturday and practiced with his team and had a good time. I got hit one time and had my head felt hit on solid ground. Kelly is picking up her grades and were happy about that. A.J. and Rylie are off track. Peyton is happy go lucky and Jordyn smiles at has through her eyes.

Saturday, February 7, 2009


A.J. had his baptism today. It was really cool. It took awhile to us to get into the primary room. I baptized A.J. and confirmed him a member of the church. Shawn gave a talk on the gift of the holy ghost. It was pretty good. After people came over and we ate some food. Now we've got to go get him his own scriptures. Val will have pictures on the other blog. Thanks to all who came to share the experience of AJ's baptism.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

The indoor soccer team that I play on is undefeated. We play the team that was undefeated until we played them 2 weeks ago. Hopefully I can score a goal against them. I'm at the bottom of the list of top scorers with 7 goals. Val has to work tonight so I'm taking the girls to my mom's house and then were going to chill until I have to pick up the wifey. I attended and participated in Shawn's rugby practice. If anyone would like to donate money here's link to there website.

Monday, January 19, 2009


Val and I went to over to Rob's house on Saturday to watch the UFC fights and they were great. After the fights we took off to go to my game that was at 11:25. We started out a little slow but we finished strong and won 8-1. We've got 2 games left and if we win we go up to a harder division.

Monday, January 5, 2009

One word

The game is on and you're it!Think of one word, just one single word to best describe me and post it in my comments. You can leave a brief explanation of why you picked that word if you want.Then feel free to post this on your blog if you want me to try to describe you in one word. It's also fun to see how many strange and interesting things people say about you.